Culebra Renewable Energy Project (50%) and Non-PRASA Projects (50%)

Exempt Full-Time position


The Puerto Rico Community Foundation (PRCF) is a 35-year-old philanthropic institution. Our overall goal is to narrow the inequity gap in communities in Puerto Rico by building social, economic and human capital. This goal will spur the growth of community assets such as water, energy; strengthening self-sufficiency, economic development, home security and education. Throughout the years, we have become philanthropic advisors to individuals, families, corporations and other foundations in facilitating their philanthropic plans to the community in the form of grants and scholarships. We’ve also had keen interest in the design and execution of programs that target community’s pressing needs, some in the form of grant portfolios and others by providing capacity building, technical assistance and direct intervention in the area identified. 

General Job Description:

The Energy and Water Assistant is a position responsible in supporting the project manager on all the duties and responsibilities performed on behalf of the project such as, but not limited to, data gathering, documents preparation, serve as resource designs development, data interpretation, troubleshooting, risk prevention and management, reports presentation, coordination of meetings, attendance to meetings, community relationships, visits and assessment to project sites, relationships with de municipal government, and other tasks assigned as required and pertinent to the energy segment of the projects.  Responsible for keeping records of all the actions and activities performed.  Reports to the Culebra Renewable Energy Project Manager in matters related to renewable energy and to the Lead of Special Projects in charge of water projects.


Culebra Renewable Energy Project

In the aftermath of Hurricane María, Puerto Rico faced lack of access to electric power (energy).  Power was not restored in more than eight months, and some locations were low-income communities.  Permanent and comprehensive repairs by power system improvements and long-term mitigation will surely take years.  Conventional power systems have never been a cost-effective alternative for these rural isolated communities, which also include the island municipality of Culebra.  As part of the solution, PRCF received a grant for the Economic Development Administration to install a solar energy system to support businesses, resiliency and economic development in the municipality of Culebra; including installation of approximately 2,695 solar panels, with hurricane-resistant racking, AC inverters, batteries, metering, and appurtenances, and operational training for end-users.

Non-PRASA Water Projects

In the aftermath of Hurricane María, Puerto Rico faced lack of access to drinkable water. PRCF identified that more than 200 community aqueducts (Non-PRASA, Non-Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewage Authority) needed to strengthen their physical, organizational and compliance infrastructure.  Since then, we’ve been working directly with the community aqueducts throughout the island, providing economic support through grants, convening regional meetings to better understand the opportunities working together, and most recently, implementing an energy backup system as part of a mitigation project.  Also, because of the convenings, the PRCF is supporting the community aqueducts to formalize a network, that will be established as an association or non-profit corporation.

Duties and Responsibilities: 

  • Pre-designs and Designs Resources – Serve as a resource to help in the preparation and development of pre-designs and final designs of PV systems to be installed in Culebra.
  • Provide expertise in the interpretation of data resulting from the project studies, and decision making.
  • Preparation and Development of Package Offers – Help develop and prepare the energy package offers to be presented to the project prospects beneficiaries.
  • Assistance to Project Manager – Assist the project manager in the following:
  • Creating and maintaining comprehensive project documentation
  • Planning and execution of activities on behalf of the project.
  • Managing the relationship with the community.  Help manage and carry out community engagement and community organizing activities.
  • Help manage risks management to minimize project risks.
  • Help supervise all the independent contractors in the project.
  • Help identify contractors and auction management according to the EDA.
  • Managing the data and that information obtained from the studies on the structures as related to the design of the PV systems, and energy related matters.
  • Help strengthening the relationship with the Culebra Municipal Government and supporting the agreement and decisions with the government officials.
  • Community Aqueduct – Regional meetings with Community Aqueducts
  • Support in the design and execution of a Network Community Aqueducts for all of Puerto Rico.
  • Coordination and implementation of field work, including evaluations and orientations of the communities to be benefited by the project of the network of community aqueducts.
  • Support and promote the project at different levels and lead efforts in an integrated manner to direct and motivate communities to participate in the project.
  • Coordination and implementation regional meetings.
  • Technical assistance to support the establishment of the Community Aqueduct Network
  • Facilitate the development of a governing group of the Community Aqueduct Network.
  • Identify the resources necessary to develop the legal and regulatory structure of this new organization that brings together most of the community aqueducts on the Island.
  • Advise the participating communities in the development of the community aqueduct network.
  • Coordinate and facilitate visits, meetings and activities related to the Network.
  • Development of communication between the community aqueducts participating in the Network.
  • Represent the PRCF in orientation meetings, public meetings, activities cited by donors or regulatory agencies to establish the Network.
  • Perform other related duties as assigned


  • A Bachelor’s degree required.  Three (3) years related work experience
  • Preferred: Technical knowledge of photovoltaic and battery systems
  • Administrative skills, good management of their time and establishing of priorities
  • Completely bilingual with excellent communication skills written/verbal in English/Spanish
  • Analytical and reporting skills
  • Full traveling availability (local and out of country)

Skills and Competencies:

  • Excellent planning skills
  • Ethical conduct
  • Proficiency in computers and applications.
  • Familiar with project management cycles and monitoring and evaluation procedures.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to work in a collaboratively team environment.
  • Skills in handling multiple responsibilities, priorities, tasks, and projects simultaneously

Salary and fringe benefits:

  • Base Salary ($40,000)
  • Paid Vacation (15 days)
  • Paid Sick Leave (15 days)
  • Christmas bonus
  • Health insurance

Candidates interested to apply, send resume on or before January 11, 2022, by email:

We are an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer and take Affirmative Action to recruit Women, Protected Veterans and Individuals with Disabilities.”