Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities

Fundación Comunitaria de Puerto Rico holds the 1101.1 status from the Puerto Rico Internal Revenue Code, and the 501 (c) (3) certifications from the United States Internal Revenue Code.

Since 1984, the FCPR has allowed donors to contribute with the development of Puerto Rican communities. Individuals, families, corporations and foundations have found the ideal philanthropic partner in the FCPR, to facilitate their support to the causes that matter to them the most, through the establishment, custody and administration of funds.

Furthermore, the Foundation facilitates the transformation process in the communities, promoting equitable access to potable water, renewable energy, social housing, community economic development, and education. When communities have access to, own and manage these resources, equity, social justice and community prosperity are promoted.

The Foundation plays multiple roles such as: grant-maker; grant-seeker, program administrator; philanthropic leader, community convener, fund manager and custodian of the community endowment.

RFQ Graphic Design (racial topic focus)

Compliance Officer (federals programs)