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My Brother’s Keeper Community Coordinator | Full-Time position

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CLOSE | Deadline: March, 15, 2019


The Puerto Rico Community Foundation (PRCF) is a 33-year-oldphilanthropic institution. Our overall goal is to narrow the inequity gap in communities in PuertoRico by building social, economic and human capital. This goal will spur thegrowth of community assets such as water, energy, food security; strengtheningself-sufficiency, economic development, home security and education. Throughout the years, we have becomephilanthropic advisors to individuals, families, corporations and otherfoundations in facilitating their philanthropic plans to the community in theform of grants and scholarships. We’ve also had keen interest in the design andexecution of programs that target community’s pressing needs, some in the formof grant portfolios and others by providing capacity building, technicalassistance and direct intervention in the area identified.  Racial equity is an area of great interest inour institution. This work is mainly done through a tight-strong relationshipwith Loíza. Most recently, as we became a grantee of My Brother’s Keepers (MBK) CommunityChallenge an Obama Foundation program,we are looking forward to strengthening our work in Loíza. 

General Description:

The My Brother’s Keeper (MBK) CommunityCoordinator is responsible for supporting Impact Grantees in managing theday-to-day operations and overall implementation of the programs and prioritiesoutlined in their MBK Community Challenge Competition proposal.  The Coordinator will also ensure thatprograms are executed with fidelity and in accordance with the mission of MyBrother’s Keeper Alliance and the goals of the MBK Community Challenge Competition. Specifically, the MBK CommunityCoordinator shall be responsible for managing and/or directly supporting fourkey areas:  (1) Program Delivery; (2)Collective Impact Coordination & Facilitation; (3) Obama Foundation/MBKAlliance Process Oriented Request and (4) Evaluation & ReportingSupport.   Additionally, the MBKCommunity Coordinator will serve as a thought partner to the Executive Directorand Program Staff and a key point of contact for the MBK Alliance PortfolioManager.

Core Responsibilities:

Program Delivery

  • Serve as the primary project manager concerning the implementationof program delivery as outlined in the grant proposal.  In summary, the Puerto Rico CommunityFoundation (PRCF) proposes to fund the Loíza Alliance for Peace, acollaboration among various youth-serving community organizations thatparticipated in PRCF’s 2015-16 MBK Planning process. Through concerted effortsthat date back almost 10 years, the organizations that compose the allianceprovide violence prevention mentorship, negotiation, workforce development andeducational opportunities to youth 15-30 years old in the town of Loíza, PuertoRico. PRCF is committed to engaging the alliance as a whole; serving as itsfiscal sponsor; and matching requested MBK Community Challenge funds.
  • Develop and manage a master work plan designedto ensure timely accomplishment of each project milestone.
  • Maintain close communication with partners,program participants, and staff in an effort to quickly identify areas ofimprovement and/or opportunities for course correction.
  • Draft correspondence, answer and screen phonecalls, and direct inquires related to the delivery of services and/or programimplementation.
  • Coordination and management of sub-granteegrants (grant making; grant management).

Collective Impact Coordination & Facilitation

  • Serve as the primary point of contact for eachpartner organization or stakeholder (non-profit partners, government officials,private companies, etc.) involved in the collective impact effort to advancethe program delivery as outlined in the grant proposal.
  • Establish and maintain effective and cooperativeprofessional relationships with all level of management and employees – amongthe employer, key partners, and the Obama Foundation.
  • Develop meeting agendas and produce/update allrelevant documents as needed.  This wouldinclude preparing materials and handouts for team and leadership team meetings.
  • Play a key role in the facilitation andcoordination of collective efforts to support of the advancement of the grantproposal and MBK efforts within Loíza, Puerto Rico.
  • Cultivate and strengthen partnerships that willsupport and further advance the cradle-to-career framework (six milestones) ofMy Brother’s Keeper locally.

Obama Foundation/MBK Alliance Process Oriented Requests

  • Coordinate with the assigned MBK AlliancePortfolio Manager to fulfill requests related to grant management and generalObama Foundation policies and processes.
  • Respond to inquiries and requests in a timelymanner

Evaluation and Reporting Support

  • Support data collection and management effortsaligned to the Evaluation Plans development for the Impact Grantee.
  • Participate in meeting with MBK Alliance and itsdesignated contractors related to the evaluation of the proposal and theassociated program implementation
  • Support the Impact Grantee’s Executive Directorand/or Program Manager in the development of reports related to theimplementation of the grant proposals.

Professional Development

The MBK Community Coordinator may be required to participate in aseries of approximately one to three national training and development sessionsannually.  Will have the opportunity tolearn from the leadership at their respective organization but will also havethe opportunity to participate in a community of practice with other MBKCommunity Coordinator throughout the country.


  • LocalContext & Connections:  Possessesan intimate understanding of Loíza.
  • Commitmentto equity values
  • Communicationand Customer Service Skill: Communicates clearly and compellingly with diverse stakeholders in bothoral and written forms; anticipates and responds to customer need in a high-qualityand courteous manner.
  • Adaptability:  Excels in constantly changing environmentsand adapts flexibly in shifting projects or priorities to meet the needs of adynamic transformation effort: comfortable with ambiguity and non-routinesituations.
  • Focus onData-Driven Results:  Relentlesslypursues the improvement of performance and is driven by a desire to producequantifiable programmatic results.
  • Innovative Problem-Solving:  Approaches work with a sense of possibilityand sees challenges as opportunities for creative problem solving; takesinitiative to explore issues and find potential innovative solutions.
  • Teamwork:  increases the effectiveness of surroundingteams through collaboration, constant learning and supporting others; sensitiveto diversity in all its forms; respects and is committed to learning fromothers
  • Dependability:Does whatever it takes to consistently deliver with high quality under tightdeadlines; successfully manages own projects through strong organization,detailed work plans, and balancing of multiple priorities


  • Required: A Bachelor’s degree preferred. Six to eight years related work experience, with community organizingand project management experience strongly preferred.
  • Previous exposure to or experience ingovernment, non-profit, social impact, and/or K-12 education sector a plus
  • Skills in communication and interpersonalrelationship management and team work to achieve the goals assigned
  • Administrative skills, good management of theirtime and establishing of priorities
  • Possess creativity and initiative
  • Supervision, planning and organization capacity
  • Fully bilingual (Spanish and English)
  • Proficiency in written and oral English
  • Computer literacy (MS Office, Internet and otherknowledge
  • Analytical and reporting skills
  • Ability to work in a multi-cultural environment
  • Full traveling availability (local and out ofcountry)