Friends Fund of FAE – UPR, Río Piedras

They are friends and are grateful for the academic training they received at the University of Puerto Rico (UPR), Río Piedras Campus. Therefore, these five graduates of the Faculty of Business Administration decided to join to establish in the Community Foundation of Puerto Rico (FCPR) the Friends Fund of FAE – UPR, Río Piedras in order to help the faculty carry out their mission. “The fund is born from the gratitude we all have for the university. This is for me as the beginning of something bigger, “shared the certified public accountant (CPA), Héctor González, who was the main proponent of this fund. To achieve its mission, the group, made up of González, Rafael del Valle, Kenneth Rivera, Agnes Suarez and Zurmarie Urrutia, decided to establish the Fund, which will be administered by the FCPR and which will generate a donation annually so that the faculty can continue projects that benefit the students, as well as their accreditation processes. As the Fund grows, it will increase the annual income potential that the university institution will receive. The group has the vision that more people can contribute to the Fund or that new funds are established by friends of other faculties. To donate, please fill in the following form and select the fund you wish to support. After completing the form on this page, an automatic email will be generated to the foundation acknowledging its intention. From there it will go to PayPal, which is the method that the foundation uses to receive donations. If you want to use other methods, such as checks or bank transfer, please contact us at 787-721-1037.

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