Collective Response to COVID-19

In Puerto Rico, as well as in other Caribbean islands, the COVID-19 pandemic adds up to recent natural events; in our case the recovery process of Hurricane María and the recent January 2020 earthquakes that are still maintaining the south region in a watch as daily tremors continue,  making this population one of the most vulnerable in the island.   

Since day one, and following all orders of individual and physical distancing, our team became on-board to design and execute Fundación Comunitaria de Puerto Rico intervention strategy to address this dire situation. Our Board became the champion by approving $223,000 as the initial budget to execute the strategy. Since then others have joined: Agua Fund, Amgen Foundation, Atlantic College (COSACO Fiscal Sponsorship), Central Florida Foundation, Chicago Community Trust, Filantropía Puerto Rico, Global Giving, Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Funds, Laboratorios Borinquen (COSACO Fiscal Sponsorship), Miranda Foundation, Panamerican Group (COSACO Fiscal Sponsorship), Open Society, Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation, The Prospect Hill Foundation, and Vestergaard SA.

Our strategy – Collective Response to COVID-19 – supports community-based non-profits and community health centers (Centers 330) to undertake the education, prevention, testing, and containment with the support of philanthropic institutions like ours.

COVID-19 UPDATE (3/29/2021)

According to experts, the elderly population is at most risk of death, especially those 65 years and older. In Puerto Rico, this age group accounts for 21% of the population, many living under health, economic and social vulnerability especailly after the hurricanes and recent earthquakes.

This group became and continues to be our primary target population. We’ve added other vulnerable groups and sectors that because of the lockdown situation are facing daily challenges.

This is our four pronge approach strategy:

  • Provide grants and resources to community health centers to strengthen the health and well-being of the elderly population in the community.
  • Provide grants and resources to community-based organizations and community groups to implement geriatric health initiatives, including an assessment of needs.
  • Provide grants, resources, and capacity building to community-based non-profits and community groups to focus on the homeless and women population. And to support initiatives for access to housing and water, and promotion of community economic activation.
  • Establish a multisectoral alliance to expand the reach of these strategies.

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